6 Tips for a Healthy Travel Experience Abroad

While you are planning your next adventure take these steps from the CDC to have a happy healthy travel experience.


1.    See a health care provider before you leave to get vaccines and medicines needed for your destination.  Even if you are leaving soon, a doctor’s visit is still valuable.  For example, it’s not too late to get a flu shot! The CDC recommends getting a yearly flu shot before travel to protect you and your family/friends abroad that might be at higher risk for flu complications.

2.    Pack a travel health kit.  Include prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines, sunscreen, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, first aid supplies, a health insurance card and insect repellent.

3.    Protect yourself in hot or cold climates from sun exposure.  Whether traveling to a tropical location or a snowy one, make sure you are prepared for the climate.

4.    Prevent insect bites. Using insect repellent can protect you from serious diseases spread by mosquitos; such as Zika, Dengue and Malaria.

5.    Wash your hands often.  The best way to prevent illness is frequent handwashing with soap and water.

6.    Learn about health risks at your destination.  The CDC has recently posted or updated several travel notices, including measles in Israel, Madagascar, Moldova and Columbia; dengue in Senegal and polio in Niger. 

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Sally Winston