Wellness is Transformational Travel. We know that Wellness Travel can look very different to each individual traveler. Wellness Travel has the power to heal the mind, body and spirit, and can be an emotional epiphany, create life change. We will do a deep dive together with you to understand your wellness goals, then present a personalized wellness experience. Whether your goals are eating healthy, mindfulness, getting in touch with your spiritual being, we will use our expertise and intuition to find the perfect fit.



  • We offer diverse destinations that provide you with an opportunity to learn from top-of-their-field gurus, visiting chefs, athletes, healers, teachers, doctors and even Buddhist monks. From programs that will take you to multiple lodges in Bhutan, each of which is based on one of the Bhutanist happiness principles that are focused on things like culture, community, physical and mental well-being to theater and fantasy as part of a wellness circuit, using wind tunnels, fire baths, rain curtains, ice pools and pitch-black slides to help you travel through five intense emotional states, from contemplation and exposure to confrontation, clarity and enlightenment.

  • We know the educational component of Wellness Travel is very important. We will be certain your experience includes a roadmap for healthy lifestyle options, so that you can then take that knowledge home and incorporate it into your everyday life.

  • Shutting off the incessant chatter of technology is one of the biggest luxuries. Your experience can be about slowing down and engaging all your senses.

  • Personalized wellness experiences are different for each client. If you are looking for a sugar detox, grief retreat, spas with medically enhanced facilities or sleep therapy and recovery, we can create a spectacular journey that will meet your wellness vision.

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