From Victoria Falls to the Kalahari Desert to the remote Selous National Park, we can deliver unparalleled access to expert rangers, bush walks, river canoeing, and ecologically diverse game parks.   Every day on safari is a magical experience from breathtaking sunrises to a star-filled sky, to private 5 star chef-prepared exotic dinners in the bush. Wherever you go, a new adventure awaits. 

Whether you dream of staying in a lodge, intimate tented camps or elegant bush homes; imagine yourself waking up to an incredible sunrise.   Grab your camera, hop in an all-wheel drive safari vehicle and let our experts take you on an incredible journey.   Soon you will be capturing images of the elaborate trip of a lifetime we have created for you. 

No matter what type of adventure we create together, we will make sure you safari in style. We curate different types of safaris with a focus on families, culture, luxury, food & wine, romance and incredible opportunities for volunteerism.

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  • If you are looking for sustainable eco-tourism in Africa we will guide you to the destination that supports those initiatives.   

  • Want to go beyond your safari location?  We can add amazing, exotic beach locales and experiences like Madagascar.  

  • Interested in donating your time, physical labor or expertise while on Safari? We offer many types of volunteer experiences. 

  • Not sure what type of safari is best for you?   We will collaborate together to determine the Safari destination and experience that fits right.