Is Wellness Travel For You?

by, Nadine Jolie Courtney

Wellness travel can feel like an all-or-nothing proposition: Either you’re in or you’re out. 

Either you’re the sort of traveler who jumps out of bed before dawn, eager to greet the day with a kale smoothie and a warrior pose, or you’re snoozing ’til 11 (sleeping off last night’s copious amounts of delicious wine and decadent desserts). 

But what if you are a wellness traveler and simply don’t realize it? 

Wellness travel isn’t always a fabulous massage or facial. It’s biking through a vineyard in Tuscany, hiking in the desert, eating farm to table dishes, and being taught to look inward and learn more about yourself.
Ultimately, we travel to be inspired. We want to connect, to relax, to give back, and to give in. Whatever the specific impulse, we’re all ultimately looking to feel better.
So is wellness travel for you? Of course it is – there’s a wellness journey for everybody. See which resonates with you: 


Wellness blog.jpg

You’re stressed out at work and need to decompress.

Most of us have longingly stared at the calendar while working, counting down the days until we could hop on a plane for the next adventure. For all those times when you’ve been frazzled, fried, and just plain finished, your precious vacation time is your long-awaited reward. It doesn’t have to mean a punishing schedule jam-packed with “relaxing” appointments—you’re scheduled enough in real life—but rather simply zoning out and looking in. A wellness vacation could be your salvation. 

You want to jumpstart a wellness lifestyle. 

Whether it’s too much (as in wine and pasta) or too little (as in exercise), a wellness trip is the defibrillation needed to get you on track and on a healthier path. After all, many resorts have entire wellness centers, with everything from massages to meditation to mindful eating on offer. Ultimately, it’s much easier to start on a proper path when you’re away from your regular routine.

Your health is a priority at home, so you want to continue it while traveling, too. 

For some, trips can be an excuse for overindulgence. Not you – you’re the first one in the gym in the morning, and the last one practicing child’s pose at night. A wellness retreat is the perfect place for you, where you have a bevy of health and fitness options, and the support staff to help you achieve (or stick to) your goals.


You’d like to come home from your vacation five pounds lighter (not five pounds heavier). 

Delicious food is an important part of any trip, but too often we overindulge on vacation, only to return home feeling bloated and out of sorts – with a larger number on the scale to match. However, a slew of resorts dedicated to mindful, healthy eating – usually with a menu of fun and relaxing activities on offer – ensures it’s possible to feel satiated and leave guilt-free. Many even offer cooking classes and food treks where you can, say, catch and dine (fishing with the chef before learning how to fillet), or forage and feast (helping the chef pick your veggies before grilling them). Whatever the ingredients, you can choose a resort where the food is locally sourced, packed with nutrition, and bursting with so much flavor that you won’t even notice it’s good for you, too.


You love adventure.

Would you rather wear a pair of hiking boots than a spa robe and slippers? You’re tailor-made for wellness travel. Whatever your flavor of fun, there’s something for you – from rock climbing to white water rafting to horseback riding to heli-skiing. A long walk or hike through beautiful scenery will appeal to those seeking light adventure. Bonus: After a long day on your feet, a slip into the Jacuzzi or an appointment for a sports massage might suddenly appeal, too.

Sally Winston